Key Benefits:

  • Supports Healthy Blood Pressure

  • Supplements for Healthy Heart Function

  • As a Heart-Healthy Vitamin

  • Supports Healthy Homocysteine Levels

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Heart Healthy

Heart Healthy

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Supplements support many different regions of the body, including the muscles, the bones, and many others. Where does your heart stand? According to research, some of them may help support normal cholesterol levels and blood pressure. These nutrients are ones that, if added to a lifestyle that is already heart healthy, can be beneficial.

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These nutrients are ones that, if added to a lifestyle that is already heart-healthy, can be beneficial.

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Supports Healthy Blood Pressure

Taking blood pressure support provides organically cultivated herbs and nutrients that are useful to a healthy heart and promote blood pressure already within the normal range.

Supplements for Healthy Heart Function

It can help promote the body's normal production of CoQ10 and nitric oxide, which can support normal blood flow. Along with the fact that they support healthy blood pressure, this is one of the many advantages of taking these supplements.

As a Heart-Healthy Vitamin

This supplement includes a variety of heart-healthy vitamins as well as plant extracts from foods including beetroot, hawthorn berry, and garlic. These components support normal blood flow, which in turn supports athletic performance.

Supports Healthy Homocysteine Levels

The narrowing of the arteries should be avoided at all costs and stopped if at all possible.



Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate)

People who do not obtain enough of the vitamin from the food they consume may be prescribedascorbate calcium, which is a type of vitamin C, as a means of preventing or treating low levels ofvitamin C in their bodies. The prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease should always includeascorbate supplementation, as this is the most effective method. 1

Resources: Calcium Ascorbate - Uses, Side Effects, and More


Vitamin E (d-Alpha tocopheryl succinate)

Vitamin E in the form of alpha-tocopherol succinate is used to treat and prevent vitamin deficiencies.The body preferentially uses alpha-tocopherol as the main form of vitamin E to meet the dietary needs.2

Resources: alpha-Tocopherol succinate



Your body produces and uses niacin, a B vitamin, to convert food into energy. Your skin, digestivesystem, and neurological system all benefit from it. Although niacin (vitamin B-3) is frequently includedin daily multivitamins, most people obtain enough niacin through their diets. 3

Resources: Niacin


Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine HCl)

Water-soluble vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is a nutrient that can be added to foods andsupplements as well as occurring naturally in many foods. The active form of the coenzyme, pyridoxal 5'phosphate (PLP), is the most often used indicator of the body's B6 blood levels. 4

Resources: Vitamin B6

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